On charity

When I created the DRS, it was a way for me to have a social group that revolved around me but didn't dwell too heavily on the cult of personality that follows a lot of us GORUCK Cadre/SOF guys around. I don't WANT to be some larger than life person, but I want to influence larger than life events. I quickly realized that the group of people who were members of the DRS were capable of a lot of positive things... individually and even more impressively as a group. 

Today we helped out a person in need. I posted something about an unspecified need and in like 10 minutes the problem was solved. I was really impressed and it made me realize that I was SOOOOO grateful to be a part of this group of folks. 

What it also highlighted for me was that we all engage in charity for different reasons, and a lot of us can't help but expect that people will receive that act of charity and receive it with graciousness and along some undisclosed guideline that they should just "Know" without us communicating it. I believe that charity should not have rules attached and it should not be conditional... 

OK... here's my take. I know people abuse the shit out of donations, going on world tours with funds sent to them for language school and kicking up dust with new rucks using money that should have cured cancer or some other BS. 

It's not our money once it leaves our wallets, and charity isn't about feeling good ourselves, it's about the person on the other end. We are here to help where we can. If I can facilitate that, so be it... if that person feels loved that is the true reward in the act.

One of the donors wrote this note in their donation:

"I'm not going out on the town this weekend, so friends in need. Or hookers and nose candy. Whatever. No reason not to trust you."

I wouldn't expect any of you to trust this dirtbag with your money... but I admire your willingness to help others. And, FWIW, I will try my best not to abuse that willingness. Thank you! 


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