Hey. There's a forest here...

However, I bet most of us can't see it, because of the trees. 

Trump/Hillary, BLM/ThinBlueLine, Ford/Chevy, Counting Calories/Macros, CrossFit/performance training... You get my drift.  We all have biases that exist in our views; things that are chosen in life to be superior and therefore all other options are inferior by proxy. It just seems we have a lot fewer options with every divisive argument these days. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I endorse the kind of passionate crowing that comes from a belief that your choice is superior to all other choices... but I also wonder where the desire to hear other people has gone. What about the OTHER option? It clearly has enough merit for 50% +- of people to find it appealing... even if only 10% liked it, should we give fried Spam a taste, just to see? Oh, you still don't like it? OK, but at least hear out the SPAM fans, give it a fair shake and then walk away at least informed about it. 

I don't say this to influence people to think the way I do, or even the way my partner does. I say it because the refusal to credit other people's views and hear their voices is driving us to new and unparalleled levels of isolation. With no one listening, much less hearing, we are all becoming loud "yawps" in a cavernous empty space. 


Our society is in an extremely polarized condition because of the one thing we claim to be most proud of... our individualism. This has crafted a narrative that isn't quite accurate and certainly isn't fostering us to grow as a civilization. We need to stop trying to be citizens of the world, and start living in the places we ACTUALLY live. We need to stop worrying about what happens in Washington DC, and focus on what's happening right in our local communities. 

People ask me all the time, "What positive outcomes does the Dead Rabbit Society want?" I didn't have an answer for a long time. I talked with Kim about what kind of evaluations we should do to meter the effectiveness of our outreach efforts. I was pulling my hair out in an effort to figure out WHAT this thing really WAS. Then it hit me: I want us to all revel in the beauty and savagery of the forest. I want to measure effectiveness, not in numbers of people fed, or in dollars gathered and doled out, but in how many people we get to put aside their political, religious, and social differences and go out and get to know the forest. This process isn't easy, but the first steps are the hardest. You may find, as I did, that once you take the first few steps the rest start to become a lot clearer... and easier. 

When you stop staring at one or two trees and really engage in the forest, you can get a much better sense of what really benefits ALL the trees, not just a few hardwoods or pines. So, let's try and focus more on acts that unite us and less on issues that divide us. I love a lot of people that I don't agree with, our friendships are forged in a crucible of combat or service that some say can't be recreated outside of war. I say that it's our duty to extend that bond to others and become the change we want to see in the world.

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