About us

The Dead Rabbit Society officially got its name from a notorious "survival" event in SOCAL where I was privileged enough to teach some folks how to make their own food from the bounty of nature, but the meaning of the name is much deeper...

During the 1850's a notorious gang of Irish Immigrants adopted the name "Dead Rabbits" for their organization. You may remember them from the Leo movie, "Gangs of NY". This moniker was a bastardization of the Gaelic phrase "Dead Raibead", meaning a "very big, hulking person" which was also used to describe any larger than life person who should be feared. 

In the Dead Rabbit's Logo, the crossed arrows pay homage to my time as a Special Forces NCO, and the impact that brotherhood has had on my life and ethos. The crossed arrows have historically represented peace to the scouts of the American West, and signify our duty to uphold peace through the judicious use of force.  

In the Dead Rabbit Society, we hold that every person should be striving to be the passionate warrior poet, full of life and wisdom and compassion... With the capacity for extreme violence when summoned. We are all people to be feared... but we should focus most of our energies on helping others and being involved in our local communities.

Join us as we focus on fitness, outdoor survival, and helping others in their time of need.

De Opresso Liber-